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Assessment of Sustainability of Collaborative Law


This assessment is to help you assess if Collaborative Law would be of benefit.

Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with these statements using the following numbering system:

  • Strongly disagree
  • Disagree
  • Neutral (or doesn’t apply)
  • Agree
  • Strongly Agree


  1. My ability to achieve a successful outcome in the divorce primarily will depend on the decisions I make during the process.
  2. In order to achieve my most important goals, I am willing to let go of some smaller, short-term issues, even though it may be hard to do.
  3. I am capable of making the emotional commitment necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.
  4. I am not afraid of or intimidated by my spouse.
  5. I am willing to try and see things from my spouse’s point of view in order to achieve the best possible outcome.
  6. I believe it is possible for my spouse and me to restore enough trust in each other to achieve a successful outcome.
  7. I am willing to commit myself fully to resolving the issues through the Collaborative Law process by working towards common interests rather than simply arguing in favour of my positions.
  8. It is important to me that my spouse and I maintain a respectful and effective relationship after the divorce.
  9. I have accepted the fact that this divorce is going to happen.
  • I believe that it is very important that our children maintain a strong, healthy relationship with both parents.


Score: > 30   likely that Collaborative process is a good fit (more so > 40)

Score: 20-30   borderline

Score: <20   likely that Collaborative process will be too frustrating