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I am providing you with an update on what I have been doing throughout the COVID-19 outbreak to ensure that my level of service to you remains at as high a standard as possible and that I am providing you and your family with the support you require at this most challenging of times. It goes without saying that we also need to do what we can to ensure the safety and good health of our community.

With this in mind and following the guidance from the UK and Scottish Governments, our office on Queen Street, Edinburgh is now closed. However, I remain available to you via email, telephone and zoom video conferencing. Please be reassured that from the outset, I have embraced technology and the firm is well equipped to offer you “a business as usual“ service. I have an international client base and many of my clients are used to dealing with me in a seamless fashion remotely.

One area, however, which has almost ceased is in relation to court cases. Any new non-urgent cases and protective measures for children will not be dealt with and all existing non–urgent family cases will be frozen. This means that we will need to use the other means of dispute resolution that I have long advocated for, such as mediation and collaborative practice, to resolve disputes.

I would ask that you continue to correspond by telephone or email and that, for now, you do not send us anything via the post, including cheques, as we will have no immediate means of dealing with this.

As ever, I am here to support you and will be commencing a series of blogs on how to manage family relations through enforced isolation.

I hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and well.

Best wishes,



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Cath Karlin Family Law is a family law firm based in Edinburgh, Scotland with many years of backed experience. As an expert in this field of law, she has expertise in all aspects of family law and she can offer legal advice on civil partnerships, divorce cohabitation, child custody and divorce and family law.

How your divorce is handled will affect the rest of your life: from your relationships with any children you might have to your ability to retire with a decent pension.

That’s why you should always talk to an expert family lawyer in Scotland as soon as you realise that divorce is inevitable.

The Best Divorce Lawyer in Edinburgh

As an experienced and understanding family lawyer in Edinburgh, Cath can give you advice on all areas of family law as well as support you in the process.

She ensures there is plenty of contact time with her client to ensure they have the support needed to make these important decisions.

As someone who firmly believes that divorce should be kept out of the courts whenever possible, she offers excellent mediation and collaboration services. This can help you through this difficult time, leaving you in a better financial and emotional position after the separation.


I can help to put you on the right course.

Here are some of the questions I am frequently asked...

Separation agreement, divorce advice, court entitlement.
  • Can I stay in the house if we separate?
  • How will I manage financially?
  • What am I entitled to?
  • What is a separation agreement?
  • Do I need to divorce?
  • Will I need to attend court?
Does my child have a say. Grandparents rights, parenting plans, separation agreements
  • What is Residence?
  • What is contact?
  • Does my child have a say?
  • Do unmarried fathers have rights?
  • Do Grandparents have rights?
  • What are parental rights and responsibilities?
  • Who is a court reporter?
  • What is shared care?
  • Who draws up a parenting plan?
Assets my spouse has. Sharing spouse pension. Division of business assets
  • What is matrimonial property?
  • Does my spouse have a claim on my business?
  • Can I share in my spouse’s pension on divorce?
  • What can I do to find out what assets my spouse has?
  • Do I need to be divorced before there is a division of assets?
Experienced in all areas of family law. Scotland. Respectful and dignified divorce
  • I am marrying for a second time- how do I protect my assets ?
  • I want to give my children a deposit for their first home- how do I protect my investment if they separate from their partner?
  • What is the difference between a pre nup and a cohabitation agreement?
Scotland divorce. Extensive Expatriate practice. International law advice
  • I was born in Scotland but have lived abroad with my foreign partner, can we divorce in Scotland?
  • How do I get my child into the UK if our surrogate is abroad?
  • How do we acquire parental rights?
Enforce a surrogacy agreement, UK and international surrogacy law. Parental rights
  • How do we enforce a surrogacy agreement?
  • How do I get my child into the UK if our surrogate is abroad?
  • How do we aquire parental rights?

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