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Having good advice needn’t cost you the earth

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I recognise that being able to budget for costs is really important

The most cost-effective ways of resolving your dispute tend to be those that are least contentious such as Mediation and Collaborative Practice.

Court tends to be the most expensive which is why I generally steer clients away from court. I charge for time based on an hourly rate. I am also prepared to consider offering fixed fees for discrete pieces of work which provides you with certainty.

Sometimes all you need is reassurance and an overview as to the rights and obligations you have in terms of the law. Especially when dealing with delicate issues such as child custody. That advice can normally be delivered in a one-hour first meeting. I also recognise that choosing the right family lawyer is important and that you need to be sure that I am right for you. I am therefore pleased to offer an initial meeting fixed fee package for £295.00 + VAT at 20% + £10 client identification fee for up to 75 minutes.

What you get

A detailed consultation (of up to one hour fifteen minutes)

During the consultation I will obtain details from you to enable me to understand your objectives. I can then offer straightforward legal advice tailored to you and your family. I will discuss with you what we think you need to do next in order to reach your objectives.

I will provide details of the cost of future services should you decide to instruct me to assist you further with your family law situation including further fixed fee packages.

Terms and conditions of First Meeting Fixed Fee Package

Terms and conditions of First Meeting Fixed Fee Package

Fixed price package
Initial meeting up to 75 minutes
£295 + VAT at 20% + £10 client identification fee for up to 75 minutes

Payment will be required at the conclusion of the first interview.

Please note that in accordance with Money Laundering regulations I will require you to bring two pieces of identification with you, one of which must be photographic such as a current passport or photographic driving licence, and one further original document such as a utility bill, mortgage statement, bank statement or other correspondence from an official source addressed to your current address. This correspondence must be recent and not more than 3 months old.

Please note I cannot meet with you unless we have checked your identification documents.

Cath Karlin Family Law works to give you the best divorce, both results and cost wise. I am very familiar with the process of divorce and can expertly guide you whatever your situation. Look at the my reviews to see the demonstration of years of experience and expertise. Feel free to contact me today to learn if I can help you.

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