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Cath Karlin Family Law is an Edinburgh-based law practice specialising in family law. Cath Karlin is a qualified family law specialist with over 25 years of experience, accredited by the Law Society of Scotland.

The Cath Karlin Family Law website contains information on all the services provided, with information on family law and the benefits to you of resolving any disputes away from the courts. The website provides extensive information on divorce and separation and the issues that can arise as a result of this.

All content on this website is provided for general informational purposes only. We always seek to ensure that all information is accurate and updated. Any information contained within the website or any affiliated materials from Cath Karlin Family Law should not be interpreted as constituting legal advice. Cath Karlin Family Law does not offer legal aid, and we strongly advise you to seek professional legal advice before taking any action.

Cath Karlin Family Law accepts no responsibility for any information contained within this website and excludes any liability in respect of the contents or for action taken based on this information. We are unable to offer legal advice that is not a client of Cath Karlin Family Law.

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