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Cath Karlin

I have been a client myself and have felt acutely the full range of emotions we experience when we suddenly lose control over some or all aspects of our life.

The uncertainty of not knowing where you might be living in a few months, how much time you are going to have with your children and whether or not you can continue to afford your current lifestyle can really take a toll.

A positive future

It goes without saying that you may not be in the best place to make fundamental life decisions when you are experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions.

That is why I am very keen to keep cases out of court if I can. The last thing you or your children need is for the decision making process to be taken away from you.

I fundamentally believe that my role as a family lawyer is to help you build a positive future. If I feel that my intervention would do more harm than good, I simply won’t take your case on.

I believe in a holistic approach, and would always recommend Collaborative Practice or Mediation as the preferred means of dispute resolution.

I will do all I can to help…

In order to make the best decisions, you need to feel in control of your own decision making and feel supported; and that is where I come in.

Sometimes I will recommend that other professionals work with you in tandem with me in order to provide you with all the support you need. The great news is that I am by no means the only family lawyer who has the same set of core values and I can therefore provide you with recommendations for the other party.

I have even had a few cases where clients have reconciled once barriers have been broken down.

Whilst I can’t promise this in every case, I can promise I will do all I can to help you get from start to finish as painlessly as possible. Ultimately you will have a renewed confidence in your future and hopefully have ensured that you and your ex remain on reasonable terms, especially if you have children together. Regardless of who has child custody.

25 years of experience…

Cath Karlin family law is a niche, highly specialist family law practice based in Edinburgh. I have offices which are centrally located in Edinburgh (51 William Street). I am a highly respected family lawyer with years of experience and expertise. I have been at the forefront of family law in Edinburgh for 25 years. Over the years I have been the lead partner in a number of ground breaking family law cases. I have also been at the forefront of introducing new modes of dispute resolution to Scotland such as Collaborative Practice and other positive initiatives such as parenting after parting classes for parents going through separation and divorce.

I am ranked in both Chambers and the Legal 500. You can also read my reviews and what my clients think. I am a CALM mediator, Collaborative Lawyer, FLAGS arbitrator and have been accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a Family law specialist for more years than I care to remember!

If you need think I can help with your situation, feel free to contact me If you’d like to arrange a consultation or find out if I can help you. I understand that being able to budget for costs is really important so I make sure my costs don’t cost the earth. Get in touch to request a quote.

Cath Karlin

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