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Divorce in Scotland Child hand resting on adult hand. Cath Karlin complex child law cases, child support, abduction and reolcaiton

Custody & Divorce In Scotland

What is best for your child? Custody is now referred to as “Residence” in Scots Law​ The law doesn’t really give any guidance as to where the children should live or how much time a parent should spend with a child. This can be made

divorce cost Edinburgh

How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

The cost of divorce in Edinburgh can vary enormously depending on your particular set of circumstances, your attitude and the attitude of your spouse. The cheapest divorces​ The cheapest divorces are generally those where there are either limited assets or no assets and no children and

collaborative Law Family Law Edinburgh

Assessment of Sustainability of Collaborative Law

Introduction This assessment is to help you assess if Collaborative Law would be of benefit. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with these statements using the following numbering system: Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral (or doesn’t apply) Agree Strongly Agree   My ability to