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The Importance of Using a Family Law Specialist

If you’re currently considering a permanent separation or you’re beginning the process of divorcing, you should seek help from family law Edinburgh. Though most lawyers will have the professional ability to assist you through this tough time, only a family law specialist will be able to provide the level of support and care that you truly need.

Why Is Choosing a Family Law Specialist Key?

  • Specific Techniques Can be Used – Whether it’s mediation collaborative practice or another form of dispute resolution, successfully settling a family law case requires specific techniques. It isn’t simply a case of finding a solution as quickly as possible, it’s about offering support and guidance through an often stressful situation. It is also about ensuring that the lawyer is not making matters worse between you. As a specialist family lawyer, I am very careful with the language that that I use in both correspondence and in formal documents.
  • Understanding the Unique Requirements of Family Law is Vital – When compared to the other main areas of law, family law has a number of unique requirements. For example there are important personal relationships to preserve and these should be at the forefront of every case. A specialist family lawyer will also look out for signs that you are not coping very well with your separation and will recognise that you have good days and bad days. A specialist family lawyer will give you time and space to consider important issues so that you can make sound decisions about your future.
  • Experience and Skill Cannot Be Replicated – Though many lawyers have the professionalism to carefully navigate the complex world of family law, the experience and skill of a family law specialist cannot be replicated. Through my many years working in family law, I have gained an unmatched insight into what really works. Whether it’s helping you with mediation or guiding you through the divorce process, as a family law specialist I have good insight into which mode of dispute resolution will work best for you.

As you can see, family law often requires something a little bit more than just a standard legal service and this is where I come in. Having been a family lawyer for many years, I am able to guide you through the complex process of separation and divorce. Whether it’s navigating the finer details of a divorce or making plans for your child’s future, you can rely on me to provide a sympathetic and thoughtful service. To find out more about Divorce and Separation or the Division of Assets, get in touch with Cath Karlin Family Law.