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Why a Specialist Divorce Lawyer is The Best Option For Your Divorce

It’s a known fact that going through a divorce can take its toll on an individual as well as other people involved such as the family. Starting from filling in the petition, to negotiating with your spouse to then going through the trial process; it can be a lengthy, tiring and often emotional process from start to finish with many hiccups appearing along the way. Cath Karlin, a lawyer in Edinburgh, can show you why a specialist lawyer will be the best.
Many divorces do not tend to go smoothly, with the negotiation processes often taking longer than necessary. This is especially common if participants disagree on things such as possessions and the home if they shared one together or if it has been discovered that a partner has been unfaithful during marriage. It can also become particularly tricky if children are involved, and spouses can’t agree on who the main carers will be.
If you are considering getting a divorce from your partner, whether this is a mutual decision or something you have decided on yourself, it may be beneficial to you to get a specialist divorce lawyer involved in the process, especially if you feel that negotiations with your partner may become difficult.
Cath Karlin is a lawyer in Edinburgh who has years of experience in dealing with divorce cases. Read on to discover why you may need a divorce lawyer, particular cases where you may need one more and why it is important to choose the correct lawyer for your case.

Why Use a Specialist Divorce Lawyer?

Since there are many steps involved in getting a divorce, there is often a lot to think about plenty to discuss. A divorce is likely to uproot your life, making changes to where you live and who you live with, changes to your finances and can be further complicated where children are involved. Before you decide to employ a divorce lawyer, you must first decide what you want from your divorce settlement. While this can, of course, be a difficult thing to decide on, it is important that you have at least a rough understanding of what you want to achieve so a divorce lawyer can work with you to get it.
Deciding on how to handle these changes on your own can take a lot of responsibility and integrity. However, a specialist divorce lawyer can help you make potentially life-changing decisions and ensure the best outcome for you after the divorce process has been completed.
We’re only human, and the process of divorcing your partner can cause heightened emotions which can often lead to poor decisions. However, if you use a specialist divorce lawyer, you can rest assured that difficult decisions will be made with your best intentions in mind and that you will be guided through tricky obstacles that may occur during your divorce.

When Would you Specifically Need a Divorce Lawyer?

There are certain times when a divorce lawyer is needed more than others. For example, you may need a divorce lawyer if:

  • one of you is financially dependent on the other, for example, if you have given up work to look after children
  • your divorce settlement needs to reflect the value of more complicated financial assets, such as pension funds, business interests, trusts or overseas assets
  • you have joint debts and aren’t sure how to sort them out
  • you think your partner is hiding information about the true financial position
  • you want to be sure that you settle financial claims once and for all by getting a consent order

If you feel you are in any of these situations, then chances are you could benefit from getting a divorce lawyer involved in your divorce.
There are more situations that may arise where a divorce or family law solicitor may be needed more. For example, if you need to take urgent action such as if you think your spouse is about to take your children abroad, you are a victim of domestic abuse, you are worried about being left homeless or you feel extra amounts of pressure to agree with everything your spouse wants.
The Importance of Choosing the Right Lawyer

It is important that you find a lawyer that has the right expertise to deal with your unique case. Since all divorce trials are different, it is important you choose a lawyer in Edinburgh who has experience with dealing with complex cases. In many divorce cases, there are usually many sprawling issues such as family and custody matters, financial and asset distribution. It’s important to choose a lawyer that is specialised and has a broad range of experience in a variety of scenarios.

A good lawyer in Edinburgh will often think of alternative routes for your divorce process and should make these clear to you from the get-go. For example, going to court should be a last resort and instead, your divorce lawyer should suggest other possible avenues to resolve your separation proceedings, such as Collaborative Practice, Mediation, Arbitration and Lawyer Negotiation.

It is also important to find a divorce lawyer who you get along with, as you will be sending a lot of time with them to discuss your case. Luckily, Cath Karlin strives to have a good working relationship with her clients so you can work together during this difficult time and has years of experience in divorce cases.

Why Choose Cath Karlin
Cath Karlin is a specialist lawyer in Edinburgh with years of experience in divorces, both smooth and rocky, and can offer sound and genuine advice to get you through your divorce trial. If you’re looking for the support from a straight-forward, calm and collected lawyer who can consider all options in a divorce to get the right outcome for you, then get in touch with Cath Karlin today.
Divorces are a tough process. Cath Karlin can provide you with all the support you need to get you through this difficult time. You can either call Cath on a no obligation chat on 0131 357 1515 or alternatively, you can fill in a contact form if you are interested in finding out more about prices and quotes.