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How To Find The Right Divorce Lawyer In Edinburgh For You

Finding the right divorce lawyer in Edinburgh can be a stressful experience. Divorce and separation proceedings are an incredibly difficult time for all parties involved and can be an exhaustively stressful and emotional experience. Seeking advice can be overwhelming, particularly if you have a limited knowledge of the proceedings around a divorce.

Each individual situation is different, and there are huge range of options available to couples, so it’s vital that you choose the right lawyer for your proceedings. But how do you decide when there are so many legal firms to choose from?

We’ve listed some of the best ways to ensure that separating couples in Edinburgh find the right lawyer for them:

Tips For Choosing The Right Family Lawyer

#1 Take time to meet and discuss your individual requirements over with your lawyer, to get a feel for their character. Divorce proceedings can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, so make sure that you choose a lawyer you get on with. It’s important to have a good working-relationship with your divorce lawyer, so you need to be comfortable around them and get on with them personally.

#2 Choose a lawyer that has the necessary expertise. In cases of divorce there are usually many sprawling issues, like family and custody matters, financial and asset distribution etc. It’s important to choose a lawyer that is specialised and has a broad range of experience in a variety of scenarios.

#3 A good lawyer will consider multiple options. Court should only be a last resort; there are many options available to you and your lawyer should make all of these clear. Collaborative Practice, Mediation, Arbitration and Lawyer Negotiation are all possible avenues to resolve your separation proceedings through. Collaborative Practice is a process that involves couples signing an agreement not to go to Court and working together, using a series of facilitated meetings that focus on your family’s needs. Mediation uses a neutral professionally-trained mediator to facilitate settlement discussions between parties. Arbitration is similar to court, but allows you to choose who is going to decide your case, and means you can avoid the typical long delays of going to court. Lawyer Negotiation allows private negotiations without you even having to face your partner. There is even the option for a ‘DIY’ approach – with some clients preferring to sit round a table with their spouse and resolve things themselves, with a lawyer checking over afterwards that the agreement is legally binding and offering advice and support. All of these options should be conveyed transparently to you by a good lawyer.

#4 Make sure your lawyer is sympathetic to your needs. Your lawyer’s job is to get the best deal for you, but they should also be respectful of your feelings towards your former partner and how this might affect the outcome of the case that you want. Make sure your lawyer is fully considerate and understands your situation, so that you can work together as an effective team.

#5 See what others say! There’s no better referral than word of mouth, or the testimonials of previous clients. When choosing the right lawyer for you, it’s important to read case studies and find out more about how your lawyer has helped people in real-life situations. If you have any friends or family who have already been through divorce proceedings, then ask them for advice and to find out more about their experiences. It’s important to find a reputable firm for peace of mind during such a stressful time.

#6 Check your lawyer’s credentials. look for lawyers that have been accredited by the law society as being specialists in family law. Lawyers who have been accredited have had their credentials scrutinised by the law society.  Also look out for lawyers who are members of organisations such as CALM and CONSENSUS as they are going to approach your case in a non adversarial way.

Another sign of quality is if the lawyer is a member of the IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers). This shows they have been vetted and considered to be one of the top lawyers in their country. It is also an indication that they have an international practice and have a specialism in international family law cases.

#7 Find a lawyer who is straightforward. You need to feel confident in the direction of the case and the possibility of each outcome, so make sure your lawyer is open and transparent – and most importantly, that they don’t just get your hopes up without any basis for doing so. An experienced lawyer will understand the correct communication to have with their client, leading with the right balance of honesty and realism.

#8 Ensure that you feel valued by your lawyer. Make sure that your lawyer isn’t just clock-watching their appointments – this can signal that they won’t be giving you the full attention in future meetings. You need a lawyer that will care about your case, so book an initial consultation to discuss your requirements – this time should be a good indication to get a feel of whether your lawyer will give your case its full value.

Our Offices In Edinburgh

Cath Karlin Family Law is based in Edinburgh. As part a member if the IAFL, Cath Karlin has a huge range of experience as a highly respected family lawyer, being the lead partner in a number of ground breaking family law cases. She has also been at the forefront of introducing several new modes of dispute resolution to Scotland, such as Collaborative Practice and other positive initiatives (including ‘parenting after parting’ classes) for parents going through separation and divorce.

Cath Karlin Family Law is the ideal choice for families who are looking to resolve a dispute with efficiency and minimum impact and disruption to their daily lives. Your case will be handled sensitively and you’ll be given practical advice at every step of the way, leading to a smooth process that leaves you feeling confident and assured.

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