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International Forum On Nuptial Agreements

Earlier this year, Anthony Gold Solicitors arranged a webinar on nuptial agreements, followed by a Q&A session. It had an international reach, with speakers from Italy, Switzerland, the USA and Scotland. Francesca King, Katja Ziehe, Suzan Barrie Aiken and Cath Karlin demonstrated a wealth of knowledge, informed by their specialist expertise and years of professional experience.

A nuptial agreement is a written contract between two parties, prior to a marriage or civil union. It outlines how financial affairs will be handled throughout the relationship, and determines how assets will be distributed in the event of a divorce or separation. It is also known as a marital property agreement or a prenuptial agreement.

  • The almost hour long video, available for viewing below, is both interesting and informative, answering seven important questions:
  • Do clients have to comply with any formalities if they enter into a nuptial agreement?
  • What process do you use when drafting a nuptial agreement?
  • Can nuptial agreements include provisions for spousal maintenance or child maintenance?
  • Do clients need to choose a nuptial arrangement if they marry in your country?
  • Can a nuptial agreement be varied and how?
  • Are nuptial agreements binding if the couple divorce?
  • Does your jurisdiction respect nuptial agreements from other countries?

Do I Need A Nuptial Agreement?

While it is common to see advice such as “why you should never sign a prenup”, they can actually have huge advantages. A prenup offers protection of your assets, regardless of your income level. While they are considered beneficial for parties with large personal or business assets, they are no longer exclusive to the exceedingly wealthy.

Cath Karlin Family Law is a specialist family law practice based in Edinburgh. If you are interested in arranging a nuptial agreement between yourself and your partner, or are wishing to proceed with a division of assets, then please contact us for further advice and support. Contact us today by phoning 01313571515 or emailing

Forum Speakers

Francesca King
Lawyer, mediator, collaborative professional in Milan – Italy

Katja Ziehe
Certified specialist SBA family law, mediator SBA, collaborative lawyer clp Schweiz

Suzan Barrie Aiken
Mediator and Collaborative Attorney
Law and Mediation Offices of Suzan Barrie Aiken

Cath Karlin
Accredited specialist in Family Law, IAFL fellow, FLAGS arbitrator, CALM mediator, collaborative lawyer.
T: 0131 357 1515
DD: 0131 357 1516
Mob: 07854 838489
15/16 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JE