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marriage story

Marriage Story: A Cautionary Look at Divorce Lawyer Selection

Marriage Story is the latest Netflix film to sweep the world. This film is a self-reflective piece on how a marriage can end but a family can endure. Every generation or so there is a big divorce movie. We all remember Kramer v. Kramer. It was interesting to compare both movies. What is clear is

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christmas divorce

How to Survive Christmas During a Divorce

Christmas is seen primarily as a time for family and loved ones and is a magical time of the year for children. There is the anticipation of the presents they may receive, the relief of having a few weeks off school and the excitement of seeing friends and family.  This makes it a particularly difficult

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Mother and Father Rights in Getting Child Custody

Accustoming yourself with the right information regarding child custody information is absolutely vital for any parents going through a separation. Certain elements of the divorce process can differ by location – which is why it’s important to be fully equipped with the facts when going through a divorce in Edinburgh. Investing in the services of

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