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child law

Advice on Child Law and Relocation for Expatriates in Scotland

As an expatriate living and working in Scotland, it is important to know and understand the legal implications of bringing your children to Scotland and moving your children from Scotland. This is to avoid breaching domestic laws and international child abduction regulations. In order to move a child outwith Scotland when they are habitually resident

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division of assets

How Matrimonial Property is Divided in Scotland

The division of assets details the decision made over what happens to the money and property between a couple when a marriage or civil partnership ends. If a court is asked to make a ‘financial order’, then a judge will make the decision regarding how these assets or matrimonial property will be divided. The factors

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divorce in scotland

How do You get a Divorce in Scotland?

Before going through the divorce procedure in Scotland, it must first be established whether the Scottish courts have jurisdiction of the case and thus have the necessary authority to legally carry it out. In general, the majority of people living in Scotland will be able to get a divorce in Scotland.  However, you need to

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