Divorce and Separation in Edinburgh

Finally taking the decision to separate may come as a welcome relief. It may also come as a massive shock. Some clients are able to sit down and agree that their relationship has come to an end. For others it literally feels like a rug has been pulled from under their feet when their partner announces they want to separate or they find out their partner has been unfaithful.

I like to have in place that deals with the following:

  • where your children live and who will take care of them
  • how you and your former partner will support yourselves and your children
  • what, how and when you will tell the children, other family members and friends
  • who will pay outstanding bills or debts
  • who will stay in the house
  • how will the rent or mortgage be paid
  • what will happen to any joint bank or building society accounts
  • what will happen to the house, car, furniture and other property.

Once these arrangements are in place, we can then agree on who is going to provide financial information, instruct valuations of property etc.

Divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships

If you have a separation agreement in place, your divorce will be relatively quick and straightforward as you have already agreed everything in advance. We normally wait either a year following the date of separation to file with the consent of the other party or wait two years after which their consent is no longer required.

My aim is to keep you out of court, for many good reasons:

  • the strict timetabling – if you are having a bad day, the court doesn’t reschedule
  • the adversarial process- the other side can try to paint you in a bad light and you feel compelled to respond to paint them in a bad light
  • the written word- court requires both sides to lodge written pleadings and affidavits- once lodged in court they can never be retracted.
  • lack of face to face communication- this leads to barriers coming up and  mistrust to set in
  • delay- your case doesn’t necessarily run on time and the other side can seek continuations
  • cost – it can become very expensive and emotionally draining

How can I help?

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